Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Same Old Song

‘Idol’ returns as winter comfort viewing - American Idol

Can it really be? It seems like we just finished with a season of American Idol, and yet it's back again starting tonight.

This season is supposed to be snarkier than seasons past, with promises that we'll see the aftermath of the judges' fights with one another and that the contestants won't be so insanely nice all the time. Besides Scott Savol, when can you remember one contestant trashing another? Supposedly that will happen this season.

But the bigger changes for my viewing of the show are personal. Tonight, for instance, I won't be plopped in front of the TV at 7:00, and I won't be checking to make sure a VCR is recording it. Our DVR knows what to do, and it's been ready and waiting for Idol for two weeks now. A two-hour premiere episode will be watched in about 75 minutes starting around 9, thanks to the miracle of zooming through the commercials. We may even have time to watch Boston Legal before I go to bed.

Truly, these are splendid times.


lisa said...

Biggest reason i miss jon when i'm at school during the week...no DVR.

American Idol is gonna be fantastic and i can't wait! :)

Jonathan said...

Gee thanks Lisa. Biggest reason I am not going to miss you:

watching to food network!