Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Runaway Gay Train

'Brokeback Mountain' Wins 4 Golden Globes

If last night was a preview of the Oscars, it's going to be the gayest night that already-quite-gay event has ever seen.

Other than the triumph of Johnny Cash, gay was the story of the night. Beyond the four awards for Brokeback Mountain, including the three that point the way to Oscar glory--best drama, best director, and best screenplay--Felicity Huffman in Transamerica and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote established themselves as the acting frontrunners for playing a transexual and a gay man.

And don't forget about Marc Cherry, whose series, Desperate Housewives, took home the TV comedy trophy.

It was a funny night, with highlights including Hugh Laurie's picking names out of his pocket to thank, Steve Carrell reading a speech he claimed his wife had written that thanked her more often than it thanked other people, and Geena Davis making up a story about a little girl who was inspired by her role as the first female president. The worst moment of the night? While many of the intro segments for the film clips were terrible--and I don't understand why they show trailers for the films rather than actual snippets from them--Dennis Quaid's apparent ad-lib, "rhymes with chick flick," in regard to Brokeback was the most bizarre thing said from the stage. I've been trying to figure out what he meant--is this a simple case of saying something "rhymes with" when you mean that's what it is, or was he pondering a more tasteless phrase? Dick pic? Stick lick? Hick trick?

Whatever he meant, last night's ceremony was a watershed moment for gays being depicted on screen. One request: When you win again, Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Lee, follow Ms. Huffman's lead, and note the challenges faced by the people whose existences you brought to life on film. All funny and silly stuff aside, hers was the classiest speech of the night, and one winners at the Oscars would do well to imitate.


Lisa said...

I was also very pleased to see all who won at the Golden Globes and wished i could have seen Brokeback and Walk the Line win all the awards that they did. Now if only i had seen Brokeback...could you possibly convince my boyfriend that we need to see it!?

Richard said...

I don't know how many more ways I can tell your boyfriend to see it! More than half of the postings on this blog since the holidays have been Brokeback-related, and I called it one of the two best movies of the last ten years after seeing it. If Jon still won't see it, there may be some hidden reason. Perhaps you should sit he and Rob down and ask them if they have a secret they need to share?

Only joking; Jon wouldn't slum with Rob.

Seriously, Jon needs to go see the movie. Do you hear me, Jon? Take Lisa to see Brokeback Mountain! It'll make you a more enlightened man, which she'll love.

And if that doesn't help, remember what Paul told us: You see more of Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway than you do of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jonathan said...

We are going to see it Friday night! I was just talking about seeing it this week with Rob. But since Lisa would like to see it, Friday it is!

Lisa said...

WHOA ok, wait a second. Jon, did i hear you right?? You were gonna see Brokeback with Rob, another man, who has seen it before? Now, i know you guys are used to people mistaking you for being homosexual when you're together but is that the image you really want to project? And i've been asking to see it! Richard...i think you might be on to something with the whole secret they may have!!!


Jonathan said...

I do want to project that we are gay because I do not care anymore!! I want to be out with it! Lisa whenever you are ready for a real sleepover at my house just let me know! We are always looking for more people to enjoy our time with!

Richard said...

I am SO confused now. Real sleepovers? Out with it? This is more than my poor brain can handle.

Michele said...

Ooh Jon, you're in trouble now!