Thursday, May 04, 2006

All Over Now

Randy Quaid Drops 'Brokeback' Lawsuit

Well, I guess this is good news. At least according to his publicist, though, Quaid still has an inflated sense of his place in the movie:
His publicist, Susan Madore, said Thursday that Quaid decided to drop the lawsuit after his lawyers told him Focus agreed to pay him a bonus, which he wants to split with other principal cast members.
"Principal?" As I've said previously, that hardly describes Quaid's minor role in the film. Still, it's nice to hear that Focus is giving a bonus to the actors. When you work for practically nothing and things turn out well, it's always nice when the company is willing to split the pot with you. It's just too bad Quaid felt the need to demand it from them...kindness should be graciously given, not bludgeoned out of someone.

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