Monday, May 01, 2006

Future Shock

HBO: Big Love - Episode 08: 'Easter'

Still not watching Big Love? Oh, you should be...if for no other reason than this wonderful response to second wife Nicki's cry for help to her mother regarding the $60,000 in credit card debt she's secretly racked up:
"[I owe $90,000.] We all spend like there's no tomorrow," Adaleen tells her daughter, "which we were told there wouldn't be on three occasions. But your father's revelations have been a little... off the mark lately, and we're still here. So, see, under the circumstances, it's excusable."
Forgive me, but that's comedy gold...


Michele said...

Ok, maybe I'm just dumb, but I don't get it.

Richard said...

They spend like there's no tomorrow because they've been told on three occasions that the world is going to end--and if the world ends it won't matter how much you owe Visa, will it? But so far the world hasn't ended, and so they're stuck with all this debt, waiting for one of Nicki's father's revelations to be true.

To understand the underlying humor of all of this--why it's both funny and sad that these revelations are given by Nicki's father/Adaleen's husband but never happen, and why it's odd to see Nicki freaking out while Adaleen is as cool as a cucumber--you'd have to watch the show. But isn't the idea of being sad that the world hasn't ended--and that you're therefore stuck with your Visa bill--just a little bit funny?

Lisa said...

Jon and I will be "On Demanding" this past Sunday's episode...we're addicted to that show!!!

And on a TOTALLY unrelated issue, I don't know if Jon told you, but he and I finally saw "Brokeback" this weekend, and I cried like a little baby. It was a great movie!