Thursday, May 11, 2006

DialIdol Nails It

When I checked DialIdol yesterday to find out what I should expect to see on Idol, I sort of laughed at the prediction--Katherine and Chris in the bottom two, with Chris going home.

But it turns out that DI works, and has been working better and better as the weeks have gone by. Since the week Mandisa went home just as DI predicted she would, the predictions have been uncannily accurate, with the person going home always corresponding to one of the people DI marks as endangered based on its survey of busy signal data.

According to DI, Taylor Hicks has been getting the most calls almost every week. And as anyone who watches the show religiously has realized by now, he's never been on stage during the elimination segment as a member of a bottom three or bottom two.

Does this mean Taylor will win? Frankly, it's hard to see another outcome at this point, though the resulting record, sans all the on-stage histrionics, would probably leave a lot of listeners cold. (When I close my eyes during one of his performances, I find my attention drifting away until the song is over.) I would love to see Elliott win, and I think that he would make an interesting album; he certainly has the best voice of the remaining trio. I'm sure Simon is lusting after a Katherine win, knowing he can turn her into a Kelly Clarkson type. She may not have the same vocal chops or the grit that Kelly revealed on Breakaway, but she's exponentially hotter, which we all know counts for something in the music business.

As for Chris, don't worry about him. He should have been on the show that replaced the lead singer for INXS to begin with, and I'm sure some other rock band will be happy to take him on. If not, I'm sure Tommy Mottola or Clive Davis or even Simon Cowell will be happy to assemble a band for him and find some songwriters to craft an album. You'll be hearing him on the radio alongside Creed and Live and Fuel and Filter before you know it.

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McKenzie said...

I went into last nights results show thinking that I couldn't really pick a favorite and that I could see(and would be ok with) any of them winning. But when Seacrest announced that Chris was going home, my immediate reaction was that now that he's gone, I could really care less. I'm been rooting for him all along, but didn't realize until he was voted off that I don't really like the rest of the contestants enough to care who wins at this point.

Luckily, I think Chris has the best chance of the final four to make something significant of himself and agree that the 'rocker' wouldn't fair well as the american idol anyway.