Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dream Denied

Life in the Fast-Food Lane - New York Times

I've been beaten to the punch.

And the buns, and the shakes, and the fries. Frank Bruni's article, above, details a weeks-long quest to discover the best and worst that America's fast-food chains have to offer. Driving around the country, he discovered the virtues of the Blizzard and the Butterburger, the tots at Sonic and the chili at Wendy's.

The article made me salivate, but not for the food, per se; I just had breakfast! No, what I want is to go back in time and write this article (using a Times expense account to pay for the weeks of travel, of course) before Bruni.

You see, while my coworkers view each trip to a new city for work as an opportunity to experience the finest restaurants on the company dime, I secretly crave discovering a different region's commonplace fare. In San Francisco, rather than haute cuisine, I went for Jack-in-the-Box! And my only regret about not going to San Diego later this summer isn't that I'll miss the zoo--though I hope to see it someday. No, I just really want to try an In-N-Out burger!

Alas, another dream is dead. My pants are grateful. But I'm a little sad.


Mark said...

If you go back to San Fran, I highly recommend checking out Jollibee. This is the most bizarre fast food place I have ever been and there is a prime location right across from the Metreon.

Zaki said...

And when you're done there, hop over to In-'n'-Out. Best burgers ever.

Victoria said...

Ewww ~ In-'n'-Out uses that NASTY sauce. So glad to be away from nasty-sauce California. Of course, now I go to nasty-sauce London. *le sigh*