Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pere et Fils

Poll Gives Bush His Worst Marks Yet - New York Times

Well, this confirms it: a second poll has Bush's approval rating at 31 percent. And guess what? Now he's tied with daddy:
Mr. Bush's overall job approval rating hit another new low, 31 percent, tying the low point of his father in July 1992, four months before the elder Mr. Bush lost his bid for a second term to Bill Clinton. That is the third lowest approval rating of any president in 50 years; only Richard M. Nixon and Jimmy Carter were viewed less favorably.
Hmm. Crookedness and malaise are now the only benchmarks against which Bush fares favorably. And how long can that last when Bush's administration is clearly crooked and the national mood regarding Iraq looks a lot like malaise? I think these numbers can go lower. We're going to see a number that starts with a 2 before the mid-term elections!

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