Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Naked Ploy

Bush to come out in favor of federal marriage amendment

I know Bush has to do this to rally his conservative base, but is it really worth pissing off the only member of his administration who remains popular?
Although Bush spoke out in support of the amendment in 2004 during his reelection campaign, he now faces opposition from within his own White House. First lady Laura Bush said earlier this month that the issue should not be used as an election tool, and Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, also said she opposes the ban.
By the way, I'm reading the Mary Cheney book right now. Can you say self-serving? It's part Dick Cheney hagiography, part anti-Democrat screed. Mary disagrees with the amendment that most members of her father's party will support next week. She also disagrees, unfortunately, with just about any effort to stop it, or to expose the hypocrisy at its core. How she resolves that conflict within herself is her business--but to bring it up in her book and pretend the conflict doesn't exist? Take her off the milk cartons and put her on a Wanted poster!

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