Tuesday, June 27, 2006

From the Womb

Sexual orientation of men determined before birth

Now scientists are saying, again, what any gay man would probably tell you--there wasn't a day of his life when he wasn't gay. Will those determined not to believe us believe science? I'm not holding my breath.

Honestly, I think you could ask any gay man and he could regale you with tales of male-centered longings beginning at a very early age. I know that I could offer a substantial list of other boys I longed to see naked beginning at the age of five, as well as the very clever ways I sometimes succeeded in doing so. (I can think of half a dozen successes even before the mixed blessing of communal showers entered the picture in junior high.)

To be clear, at the time I thought these longings were based on curiosity. I was certain that I just wanted to compare and contrast what I saw of others with what I saw of myself. I figured everyone felt this way, willfully ignoring the fact that I had to scheme and trick in order to achieve the desired results. But I now realize that my straight counterparts were not expending their mental energy on wondering what I looked like naked. Had I realized this sooner--or admitted it to myself, anyway--I would probably have had a very different adolescence!

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Michele said...

I am currently watching an Oprah show about a new book called, "When I Knew"--about when gays first knew that they were gay. Most are saying they knew around 5/6 years of age. The book's author's name is something like "Trachtenberg" . . . ? You might want to check it out; it sounds like something you would be interested in reading (if you haven't already!)