Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Peter Principle

MSNBC, Promoting From the Bottom Up

Lisa de Moraes expresses disbelief that MSNBC would promote Dan Abrams, of the crap-tastic Abrams Report, to be the general manager of the all-news network. She evidently didn't read her own article, which notes:
Abrams, who will step down from his show but continue to be NBC News's chief legal correspondent, said he wants to make MSNBC more "vibrant," more "exciting" and "maybe even a bit more irreverent."
That's right--this promotion will take Abrams, whose on-air manner varies between boorish and boring, off the air. Once the network dumps Rita Cosby and Tucker Carlson in favor of some better on-air talent, perhaps it can compete successfully for the half-dozen people who actually want to watch constant news.

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