Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Timing the Pullout

Alterman: Time to declare victory?

Deciding when to pull out is always a dicy issue. But I think Eric Alterman is right--the time for Bush to do it is now. Zarqawi's death can be interpreted as a victory, and the non-charging of Rove means it won't be seen as an intentional distraction. As Alterman says, "now would be a great time to declare victory and get the hell out of there." That's what Bush ought to do while he's in Iraq today: declare that the U.S. has achieved its (nebulous, ever-changing, never-quite-defined) aims in Iraq.

Just think--we're but a single "Mission Accomplished (For Real This Time)" sign away from bringing most of the troops home!


Jonathan said...

Nice title...

Richard said...

I am so glad someone noticed! I was going to elaborate on what happens when you pull out at the wrong moment, but I figured subtle was probably better.