Saturday, June 24, 2006

Welcome Expansion

Home of New Belgium Brewery, Fat Tire Beer, and the Tour de Fat

Last night after work I went to Binny's to reload our refrigerator; we were down to only four bottles of beer and I figured the official start of summer called for some summery ales. I had picked up a Sam Adams Hefeweizen and two six-packs of Bell's (the always reliable Amber Ale and something new, the Oberon), when I heard another customer asking about Fat Tire. "We have it," the sales guy replied. "Over there, over there, and in the fridge."

Fat Tire! If you've traveled out west, or even to St. Louis, there's a good chance you've had someone recommend this beer to you. And for good reason--it's one of the best beers you'll ever drink. Until now, though, Chicagoans have had to make do with having one when they're traveling (or begging friends who live in a state that has it to bring some when they visit).

No more! New Belgium, the maker of Fat Tire, has expanded its distribution to two new cities: San Diego and Chicago. I was only able to find 22 oz. bottles at Binny's, but that just forces you to serve the beer out of a glass, as it was meant to be served. (I drink plenty of beer straight from the bottle, but I know I shouldn't.) I can't wait for my drinking partner to come home tomorrow so we can crack open one of the three bottles I bought and savor the taste of a world-class beer. Here's hoping I can wait that long...

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