Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Number 18?

Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

It's almost Independence Day, which means, of course, that it's time to trot out a flag-burning amendment to the Constitution. A pretty big step, really--when you consider that only __ amendments have been added since the Bill of Rights was ratified.

Can you fill in that blank? (The answer is 17). Give the quiz above a try. I got 19 out of 20 right, missing question 19. (Why would I know the name and number of the naturalization application?) Post your scores below...


Michele said...

I got 18/20.

I missed No. 5, the one about how many supreme court justices there are (I said 10, there's 9) and No. 19, about the INS form for naturalization.

The scary thing? Had I not just taught this stuff to my fourth graders this past year, I probably would have missed more than that. (Other than teaching this year, it's been since 1998 or 1999 that I took an American History class).

rusty said...


The only reason I knew the "N-400 'Application for Naturalization'" was that I heard some people talking about it on some uber-neoconservative talk radio.

I would also like to take the time to thank my high school civics teacher, Mr. Joyce.

Brian said...

19, the same one everyone else gets wrong. OUt of those questions though, why do we need to ask Patrick Henry's quote?