Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just Plain Cruel

Take Action: Urge Senators to remove unfair tax on domestic partner benefits

I just wrote about this situation in a comment on "Wave of Progress," below, but...

Imagine that you're gay. Imagine that you have a partner. Imagine that after years of wishing you could be married, you get married (in Massachusetts), or civilly-united (in Vermont or Connecticut) or domestic partnered (in California, if you want it to mean something, or in various urban locales, if you don't).

Alright, now imagine that not only has your locale become enlightened enough to offer you a legal way of uniting, but your company has decided to allow you to share the same benefits with your legal partner as a straight married couple. Wonderful, right? Well, yes--until you get hammered with an income tax bill that counts the full value of whatever benefits your company pays out for your partner as part of your income.

Right now, domestic partner benefits are taxed as income; benefits for spouses are not. Please click on the link at the top of this post to send a message to your Senator, and ask him or her to support a bill that would end this taxation and, in one small way, level the playing field.

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