Thursday, June 23, 2005


Cruel and Unusual

I'm glad Bob Herbert has turned his attention to the ugly attempt by Jeb Bush to smear Michael Schiavo. In case you hadn't heard, Bush wants Schiavo investigated to find out if he called 911 quickly enough after his wife collapsed. Can this be anything but retribution for Michael's success in finally carrying out his wife's wishes--against the wishes of Jeb and his horde of religious supporters?Whatever term is used, the governor's continued pursuit of Mr. Schiavo in the absence of any evidence that he has done anything wrong is a clear example of government power being used as a club to punish someone for political reasons. The unwarranted harassment of an ordinary citizen by the most powerful political figure in his state is an affront to the very idea of freedom that Mr. Bush and his brother in the White House are so fond of preaching.Jeb's actions are despicable. If he ever ends up on a national ticket, I hope the whole Schiavo affair keeps he and his running mate from winning. In a fair world, every politician who voted to intervene in the case would lose his or her job as well.

That includes Melissa Bean, my Congresswoman, whose campaign called me last night to ask if I'd volunteer. But of course I'll march in a Fourth of July parade for a woman who voted for the flag-burning amendment, the bankruptcy bill, and the end of the estate tax! I realize my district isn't as liberal as I am, but if you want to have a (D) next to your name, sometimes you have to vote like one.

In any case, here's hoping the public notices Bush's obsession with the Schiavo case and punishes him for what Herbert calls "uniquely grotesque" exploitation of the case for political purposes. Jeb deserves nothing less.

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Jonathan said...

He is insane!! I feel bad that this continues to carry one the suffering of her family. Why can he not just let her die in peace?