Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Two Years Later

The Irresistible Banality of Same-Sex Marriage
How opponents of marriage for gays will be bored into submission

I think this article is appropriate today, when George W. Bush has renewed his call for an amendment banning gay marriage. Author Kenji Yoshino suggests that the ultimate victory of gay marriage advocates will be the result not of well-reasoned argument but of the sheer banality of seeing gay couple after gay couple get hitched, whether with or without the blessing of the law. He says that while those making the logical arguments pursue gay marriage as an ideal goal of a fair society, the writers of wedding manuals see it as a fait accompli:
...to see photograph after photograph of same-sex couples feeding each other cake is to feel an argument being won without being made. It is to feel that same-sex marriage is happening, is happening everywhere, and is possessed of an absolved necessity.
Speaking of a fait accompli bring us to the title of this post, and to yet another mundane fact of life: As of today, it's been two years since I crossed the threshold and began sharing a home with the person I hope the law will someday allow me to marry. While there exist no pictures of us feeding each other, cake or otherwise, I think a few snapshots of us cooking together or asleep on the couch during the third quarter of a basketball game would be enough to convince anyone that our "marriage" is just as mundane and unthreatening as theirs. Hopefully two more years, or two years beyond that, will prove Yoshino right.

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