Monday, November 21, 2005

All Brand New

A new era dawns. Caesar is dead. The Harry Potter movie series is more than halfway completed. I have written my 1,000th post, and today I will greet my 25,000th visitor.

So I have made a few changes to the blog today. I've moved the books I've read recently closer to the top of the page, and sorted them so when I finish one, it moves to the top of the list rather than the bottom. The next big change should come next month, when I post a top ten albums list for the year and relegate the rest of my 2005 purchases (currently listed in the order in which they were made on the sidebar) to the dustbin of history.

Hope you enjoy the changes.


Jonathan said...

Well... What did you think of the last Rome?

Victoria said...

I know this is completely unrelated and is from a few or so posts back, but thank you for posting the links to the Amazon Top x lists. I ended up picking up a CD for Mom and one for Dad from them. Now, I just hope that they like the choices. :)

Richard said...

I liked the last Rome. It wasn't as momentous as the episodes leading up to it, and I was of course sad to see both Caesar and Niobe die, but they've set themselves up well for a good second season. In that vein, I was pleased with the choice to have Octavian accompany Atia to Servilia's house (it foreshadows the fact that he will fight a war against her son) and with the way Antony reacted to Caesar's death: no words, just slowly backing his way out of the Senate chamber. I hope they carry through with making the second season despite the enormous cost overruns they experienced on season one, even if it won't be out for at least a year and a half.