Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Voters to Bush: Go to Hell

St. Paul: Coleman sweeps Kelly out of office
DFLers punish Mayor Randy Kelly for standing with President Bush, and usher in Chris Coleman in a 69 to 31 percent landslide.

The results of yesterday's elections shouldn't be all that surprising, but Democrats have grown so used to election night bloodbaths that it's difficult to resist the impulse to rejoice at the nearly clean sweep we witnessed yesterday. Yes, quasi-Republican Michael Bloomberg retained the mayor's office in New York City, and Texans added a ban on gay marriage to their constitution. But in Virginia a gubernatorial candidate who got help from Bush on Monday went down in flames on Tuesday, and in New Jersey Democrats consolidated their hold on the state a year after McGreevey's indiscretions made that hold a bit tenuous.

The best news, to me, is the news I've linked above: In St. Paul, the "Democratic" mayor, who endorsed Bush in last year's election, was ousted in a 69-31 landslide by another Democrat. Denizens of the quieter of the Twin Cities got quite loud in their anger at Randy Kelly's betrayal of his party and the sentiments of his citizenry (St. Paul went for Kerry by a margin of 3-1). Here's hoping other politicians get the message and continue the process of distancing themselves from Bush even as he and Cheney come out swinging against those who accuse them of condoning torture and intelligence manipulation. These guys deserve to be left twisting in the wind for the next three years.


Jonathan said...

Did you see the press room at the White House yesterday asking about the torture issue? It was awesome!

Richard said...

I did--I caught it during Countdown. The way they wouldn't give up as McClellan kept spouting BS was inspiring. I just hope they have the nerve to get this story on the front page. Americans need to know that our president, and especially our creepy VP, are advocating and protecting torture even while they claim that we don't do it--and they need to know that this double-speak doesn't sell in other countries. Our standing in the world can't take any more of this crap!

Victoria said...

Basically, Texas put a ban on almost all marriages the way the amendment was worded. Apparently, there were ministers calling voters telling them not to vote for it because of the plain meaning of the very poorly written piece of legislation.

Richard said...

Good thing the only Texans I know and love are getting married in Illinois!