Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Increasingly Worrying

Homosexuality destabilizes society: Vatican paper

Anyone who wondered why I didn't take communion during my grandmother's funeral this weekend, look no further:
The Vatican newspaper said on Tuesday that homosexuality risked "destabilizing people and society," had no social or moral value and could never match the importance of the relationship between a man and a woman.
That's right: my relationship of six years, and all of the efforts both of us have put into it, have no social or moral value. Years spent caring for one another and sharing life with one another in the context of a loving partnership have no social or moral value, and in fact risk destablizing society.

I salute you with two middle fingers, Mr. Ratzinger. You chose a name of peace for your papacy, but in publishing this new document on homosexuality, you have declared war. You will not win it.


Jonathan said...

It is depressing and aweful. But I do not think this document is really going to change anything in the Church. I am hoping that it causes a huge backlash among priests, with some of them outing the gay church leaders.

McKenzie said...

Why is it that the Catholic church continues to go out of its way to remind us how closed-minded and out of touch they are? Do they always have to prove with a big announcement how behind the times they are?