Monday, November 28, 2005


Highway 290 Revisited: George Gets It

OK, so Bree didn't quite kill George--more like allowed him to kill himself by only pretending to intercede--but she did find out about his role in Rex's death and that was her motivation for allowing him to die. I think this qualifies as an accurate prediction, don't you?

I was also wrong about Desperate Housewives going on a post-sweeps break, but I'm more than happy to be wrong about that!


Michele said...

Are you really still watching that show? Brian and I watched it last season, but toward the end it wasn't that interesting to us. We haven't even touched it this season. We love Grey's Anatomy much more!

Jonathan said...

Richard your back!! I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I hope you had a good thanksgiving.

Richard said...

Thank you, Jon. It was a somber Thanksgiving. I am glad to be done with it.

Yes, Michele, we are still watching the show, and still changing the channel afterward. It's had weeks that weren't as good, but we're still enjoying it quite a bit. Last night's episode was both hilarious and thrilling!

Despite that, I don't think the show will last very long. There aren't that many storylines that will keep these characters interesting that won't seem extraordinarily contrived or repetitive. Rex died; now George is dead. As are Mrs. Huber and Mary Alice Young. You can only kill off so many people! And marriages/relationships can only teeter on the brink of disaster so many times before viewers stop caring (although the writers of The O.C. seem not to believe this).

Michele said...

Hmm, true. Why is it that relationship woes can make The O.C. such a strong show, but yet it won't work for Housewives?