Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Help Me Out

Keep Reunion On Air Petition

Do me a favor and sign the online petition above. I can't live if I don't find out who killed Samantha! (And how Craig ended up in a wheelchair, and how Will went from being a jailbird to a soldier to a priest, and...)

Thanks for your help!


McKenzie said...

Ha Ha

Your new favorite show is getting canceled, but none of my shows are. Even 'Numbers' on a dead night like Friday night is still alive and kicking.

But wait, maybe you are bad luck for a new show. In which case, quit watching HIMYM, because I want that one to stick around.

Richard said...

You're just being mean now. There has to be SOMETHING on TV for people who don't want to watch CSI or Law and Order, doesn't there? I don't understand this move, frankly--Fox has a show with a small but rabid fan base in a time slot that has been utter death for more than two years. Why cancel the show halfway through the year? What will they put in its place that will establish a better beachhead against CSI?

Oh, now I get it: They'll put American Idol's results show there. O.C. and Idol--a teenage dream team.

As for HIMYM, I think CBS will keep it despite me. Here's ratings info for this week, from thefutoncritic: "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was first in households (6.8/10) and viewers (10.29m) for the fifth consecutive week. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was also first in adults 25-54 (4.5/10) and adults 18-49 (3.6/09) for the fourth time in five weeks."

Sounds like a show they'd keep around to me.

Now be nice to me and sign the Reunion petition!

Richard said...

Thanks for signing, Brian. (Yes, I checked.)

Even if you don't watch it now, I promise it will be a great show to rent from Netflix on DVD if they finish the season out!