Friday, August 06, 2004

Place Your Bets

N.M. GOP to Continue Asking for Pledge

You'll have to scroll deep into the article above to find this gem:

The Republican National Committee chairman says the party's national convention later this month will have its most diverse delegation ever--but he won't release the identities of the delegates.

While Republican Chairman Ed Gillespie was boasting about the gains the GOP is making among blacks, Hispanics and Asian-Americans, he said the national party has left it up to individual states to decide whether to publicize delegates' identities.

His reason: Web sites that invite protesters to "show them the kind of welcome they can expect in New York."

Of the 4,788 delegates and alternates to the convention, Republicans said 171 delegates are Hispanic (297 including alternates), 165 delegates are black (290 with alternates) and 76 delegates are Asian-Americans or Pacific Islanders (104 with alternates).
Any guess how many of the delegates are gay? Better yet, any guess how many of them are honest about it?


McKenzie said...

What's with the swing in electoral votes for Kerry and Bush. Kerry was way ahead, and within two or three days, its swung much closer to even.

McKenzie said...

God Damn geriatrics in Florida.

Richard said...

I see you were able to answer your own question. It's only a one-point lead, though, so don't get too worked up yet. As the guy who runs points out, today's map just goes to show that Kerry can win without Florida or Ohio if he has to...