Thursday, August 05, 2004


First Read

Congratulations to Paul Allen, who correctly guessed that the upcoming event referenced last week was this site's first birthday. A lot has changed since that fateful day, both in my understanding of HTML and in my life. I got a job, applied for graduate school, switched presidential candidates, and gave away a lot of hard-earned money to causes I believe in and habits I should probably curtail.

I'm pretty sure that all of this has made me a better person; I'm certainly calmer and happier than I was back then. A year ago I was at the start of what was still, at that point, an experiment in living together; today I'm in what can only be called a stable long-term relationship. My political convictions have grown even as my rage about them has subsided. And, over 87,000 words later, I'm still enjoying this self-appointed task of filtering the world through my mind and spilling out the results for public consumption. I hope you're enjoying reading it.

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